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What It’s Like…

I used to listen to this song all the time back in the day. And I ran across the girl’s youtube video where she covered it on the Piano, I thought it was a cool take:


Makes me think back on everything. I guess music can do that to you.  The thing is it makes me think how screwed up this world is.  People are quick to judge– but truth is they never realize the baggage people carry on their hearts.  Or more like, they never take the time to.  The older you get it seems the harder it is to be real with people, the more guarded you become.   

You tend to bury who you are down so deep that at times, it’s like you become two separate people– the person you are and the person you were. 

I have been doing some thinking lately.  (Imagine that). And I have began to realize that it’s the living that carry the burden of memory.  They are forced to suffer in solitude to a world that does not understand, or moreover does not care.  Why should they?  It’s not their problem.  It is not right or wrong– it just is. 

I’m sure I am just as guilty of not listening and not caring. After all, I have my own losses and my own problems to contend with, I wish that weren’t true.

And the thing about moving on is– it is a lie.  You get stronger but I am certain that somethings you carry with you always– right up until it’s you’re turn to go.


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