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The Way It Is…A True Tragedy


Life can be a loss of innocence. A boy, now a man, wakes to an unconcerned world.  In his time of need, there is no one to provide solace. Why, when looking at a closet full of suits and ties, he longs for the blue jeans, he cannot say. The few moments of early morning protest leave him, and he continues in silent accord to meet the demand of society.

He is working for the American dream. Ironic enough, all his childhood dreams have been left to wither in some forgotten corner of his imagination. After all, he has bills to pay, and a retirement to work for. Maybe he finds comfort in a book, tales of distant adventure make him feel better about the monotony of his own existence. Never once would he feel the urge to pursue such ambitions of his own, those are better left to the lot of others.  

An esteemed man he is. He is educated, he owns his house, and his kids are provided for. But, those moments late at night, and in the morning, his unchecked mind wonders what it is missing.


~a little thought for the night…i’ll write some more later

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  2. pretty good and oh so true. i am going by the way.

  3. What is he missing?  He’s missing himself.

    A suit does not a man make.

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