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The Fat of Life…

Funny week.

I slept under Broadway over pass last night. You know… “Urban Camping.”   I didn’t sleep all that great, so about 5 am I awoke to test my hunter/gatherer abilities and treked down to Northcutt’s for some hot donuts. After sharing my conquest with a couple of close friends I packed my bag and walked home. The walk back was windy and cold– and quiet… a welcomed contrast to sleeping right beside a busy interstate.

It’s gone. Or will be. All of it. I dumped my myspace. I’m tired of it. Big time waster. Trivial. The X-terra is for sale (any buyers? call me.)  It will be gone soon.  My clothes too, my laptop, probably even my desktop…. the things i no longer have uses for will all be put up for sale. And gone.

In a little over a month, I too will go. With my essential possessions– books and bikes and music. I could be anywhere.

It’s funny. I should feel excited, or sad, or anxious, talkative, or something. But I don’t… I feel light. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

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  1. NonameKelly says:

    You’re selling your clothes?

    Biking naked could be hazardous…

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