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5 Christmas Ideas for your Military Loved One…

Let’s face it…. There is a lot of products out there that cater to military members living life on the move ranging from practical to just plain ridiculous. But if you are considering what to get for your favorite veteran/service member this holiday season, here is a brief list of 5 things at various price levels I have found to be particularly useful throughout my military career:

Integrating Mortars into an Armored Brigade Combat Team: Thoughts From a Mortar Platoon Leader

The use of mortars as an effective enabler to Combined Arms Operations is quickly becoming a lost art. As a Battalion level asset, mortars can be a very effective and responsive enabler to the combined arms battalion. But that requires a change in perception in how we view training, equipping and employing a Combined Arms Battalion Mortar Platoon.

Thoughts From an Outgoing Platoon Leader…

I did my last ruck march as a platoon leader this morning.  It was still dark when I stepped off on a route I’ve come… Continue Reading

Yes. Ft. Hood Happened Again.

The thoughts conveyed in this article are the writer’s alone, and the following content does not reflect the official views or policies of the Department… Continue Reading

The Army Explained…

Ok. So in light of my upcoming deployment I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends and family wanting to know what I do… Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Want YOU to be a West Point Graduate…

By 1LT John Haynes, USMA Class of 2011 Photo by: Mike Laeding of Sulphur Springs Photography The following is an article written by my classmate,… Continue Reading

Crying Over Spilled Milk: Making Sense of Policy Objectives in Afghanistan

– 2LT Ty Stephens. We have been at war in Afghanistan for over a decade. So long that political interest and awareness about the conflict… Continue Reading