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Man vs. Beast : Part II



As I came to the top of hill, they were as surprised as I was. For a brief moment, we looked at each other, and it seemed, only for a moment, that we might of coexisted in some mutual understanding between predators.

It was my blue bike that gave me away, it was taunting, as if saying “You wanna race?!” And as the initial shock wore off,  my old adversaries and I both sprung into action  The pack giving chase to me– the break away.  Three of them this time, I got chills and cranked up the intensity, they were going to have to work to take a bite out of me.   But this group of teeth was more tenacious, they wouldn’t give up, I caught snarls, and snapping teeth,– but how long could they lay pursuit before they were winded? I wanted to find out.

One dropped out, left is head down and went back, another did the same… and the last kept coming. He wanted it oh so bad. But not today– no, on this day, I once again evaded my swift opponent. And they are supposed to be man’s best friend.



4 Responses to “Man vs. Beast : Part II”

  1. Wow…way to piss off the dogs.

  2. Dude…yeah…I really want to just buy a tux. 

    Agh who am I kidding…I don’t even own a suit.  So sad.

  3. dogs suck, any ways how was prom and all that? later cuz

  4. kaylaec says:

    Ty! prom was amazing!! thanks so much for all the stuff you did for us, it was really sweet!! I had a blast hope you did too! Thanks again!

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