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I used to write..

I used to be inflective.  What happened?  Time, distance, business… maybe I lost my way a little.


I never realized how much I appreciate going and back and reading my old weblogs– sometimes I wish the guy I am now could tell the guy I was then a few things.

But, ironically, the guy I was then still has a few reminders for me– even today.  

I was a passionate– and the passion is still there buried under stress of long days, lonliness of being so far from home– but I need to write about it.  I need to reflect. It’s healthy for the soul and my soul is what needs refreshing.


Maybe it’s stigma– i am more guarded with my feelings– I don’t like the idea of publishing who I am for the world to see.  Maybe I should keep a real journal– I’ve tried… i always lose the damn thing.

In a world of facebook, twitters, bloggers, blogspots– maybe I should come back to xanga has a little jewel forgotton by most.  Here, maybe I can post what I think without unwanted attention– just as an outlet that serves no other purpose then for me to see the tangible representation of my growth as a man.

Another pledge.. we’ll see how long I last.

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