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  Bike “Rally”, Fall Festival, Swimming, and watched Army-A&M game. Ride was good– it was windy– but a good ride. Fall Festival– ehh..hot and lots of people, so… Continue Reading

  Home is any illusion you choose to make of it.  The place makes no difference, only the state of mind does. Here might as well… Continue Reading

Sometime ago I met a Navajo in a parking lot in Tokyo he said everything wordlessly Wonderlust in my eyes, he did see oh yea… Continue Reading

On the subject of poetry… I did go to the meeting today. It was cool– a wide variety– all orginally written by my peers!!! I… Continue Reading

  Well I started reading poetry… actually– I’m going to the poetry club meeting tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I feel I have to make up for all… Continue Reading

  Alright… great movie. I had something to write…. but I’m kind of tied up.

“I’m a living sunset Lightning in my bones Push me to the edge But my will is stone Fools will be fools And wise will… Continue Reading

  Well it’s been an intresting few days. But I may write on that later.  Dad and I were at Burtons the other day and he… Continue Reading

 “No matter where you areI can still hear you when you dreamYou traveled very farYou traveled far, like a starAnd you areAll of those yesterdaysComing… Continue Reading

   Today is Monday… which means I just got out of Lab and am about to start my Calculus homework.Tomorrow is going to be great, just… Continue Reading