“When I first came to this island
that I called by my own name
I was happy in this fortress,
in my exile I remained
But the hours grew so empty
and the ocean sent her waves
In the figure of a woman
and she pulled me out to sea”

~Out of Exile


Everyday is exactly the same. I wake up to the same classes, the same people, their expressions, and conversations. Everyday I hope that something will add color to the greyness that is my life. Everday I am let down.

To what end do I owe this routine, college? Another routine, another group of people, but the same pointlessness as before.

It’s a simple concept really, I don’t like school, I don’t like routines, I don’t like suffering through an endless suffocation of my youth. I would rather be 10,000 other place instead of sitting in a desk, or listening to high school students drag on about their GPA and rank and what prestigious college they’ve got accepted to that mom and dad are going to pay for.

But to be somewhere else cost money, and it takes money to have the things I want, Freedom is not free, it is bought, to be truly free has a price. To have money requires an education, and that brings me to myself, I am there to suffer in silence, and trade time, however indirectly for money. I spend my time learning, in the future I use the education “credentials” to get a job, and at that job I trade my time for money. I then use this money to finance the things I want out of life.

It’s a depressing thought really, the only out being if I found work I actually enjoyed doing, that paid well. 9 weeks is an eternity, I am tired, I want to get in my car, and leave, and drive and drive and drive. Take me away from this island, out of exile.

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  1. worm1865 says:

    i think you need to take it easy and quit thinking so much and just remember there is always burtons to go to.

  2. Um, Ty, you’re starting to sound like me which is pretty much not a good thing since I am sitting in a dorm room eating ramen noodles and avoiding writing a speech about my insomnia.  If I were you, I would watch this classic video for a little pick-me-up. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/flash/numanuma.html

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