It’s been pretty busy….


Installed a new receiver in my car Friday… dual din DVD…that’s right it plays DVDs.

Saturday rode the Spring Valley Pilot Club ride…took second and won $25 but the entry fee was $25 so that puts the start of my 2006 cycling season net profit at 0. However I did get some good stew and sweets, lemon bars, brownies courtesy of all the wonderful ladies at the pilot club. Big ups to them.

Saturday night shot some target practice in prep for my future as a kick ass Ranger or something of that sort. Sponsored by Tyler Law’s own personal Armory. That’s right he could arm a third world militia with the firepower in his house.

Sunday I hit up the many ass bustin’ switchbacks at Erwin Park in McKinney with Colby Adams. The trip out there was brought one good laugh…something like this:

Colby- “That road is closed down man….Contruction…”

Me- “Dang… how do we get there…”

Colby- ” It’s says detour that way” *points one direction”

Me- “But we gotta go that way” *points the opposite”

Me” Screw It….I didn’t buy an Xterra for nothin'” Shoved it in 4 wheel drive popped the curb and preceded to “off road” it through a construction site.

Colby ” YEAH!…We’re going effin mountain biking!!”

<Insert really funny picture here…. too bad xanga is being gay> (Edit: TStephens 2006)

The riding  was pretty hardcore, except for all the fallin’ I’m pretty bummed up.  I recovered with a good meal at Hooters. It has became kind of the spot to chill after a day of riding. The food is great… Riiiggghhhttt

To cap it off…… English Essay!…Everytime you forget about how much fun school is… It has a way of reminding you..

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  1. worm1865 says:

    homework does suck

  2. you have such an obsession with hooters!! (the restaurant that is sicko!)

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