For the Best of Memories


A woman’s beauty is in her eyes.  I have spent many nights in diners, fast food restaurants, and the occasional donut shop. Of all the memories of tables, booths, and cups of coffee, one moment in particular has stimulated countless reflections.  It would have been an otherwise commonplace, if not for her. Sitting across from her I would be quite content in staying in the moment forever.

She is a very special person.  Her smiles and laughs always bring me to a sense of happiness.  Every moment that we share is one that has no regard for the future or the past. Their only concern is the presence of the moment.  Every other thought melts away and I am left with her and a world that seems to revolve around the two of us. Life becomes a blissful dance and the lights and people are circled around us all watching in on the beautiful motion transpiring. Yet, they are blurred and I am only conscious of a girl’s smile and inquisitive brown eyes. 

I have never been one to show my true feelings.  While on the inside I may be a romantic, to openly convey such would certainly be a weakness. Relationships are to be taken with grains of salt, who is to say the moment is just that, a moment? No one can predict the future, and to venture so openly would almost certainly end in disappointment. To learn someone completely is to see their faults, and almost always tarnishes such a beautiful image.  But she had none, not so far as I could tell. Why I felt I could talk so openly with her will always be a subject of my contemplation.

 My fall from strength was gradual, but very hard.  At first, I was prevented from acting out of loyalty to a friend. Afterwards, her position became so clouded I could not interpret her real feelings. I don’t know why I fought back everything that I should have done, but it only matters that I did.  Even though I tried, I cannot recapture those moments. Eventually, I came around, but I believe it was too late.

That was a year ago, but it might as well be a decade. She still means everything to me today as she did then.  As much as society tells me to move on, I just cannot let go of the memories that could have been.  The degree of separation that now exists between us depresses me.  Still I hold on, left to the entertainment of my own unchecked imagination. 

            Even if the ending is not what I would have wished, my few experiences with her were amazing.  I believe it taught me how to really feel and appreciate the little joys in life that are unique and can only be found in another.  Whatever may happen in the future, those past events I shared with her were really lived. I have never had such beauty in my life before or since.  

My imagination takes me back to her, it never fails. As I sit across her in my booth, there was something special in the way she was looking at me, and I noticed it. As my eyes looked up to meet her gaze, time stood still. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, the depths of which I had never perceived before.  Such an impression would surely become the stuff of memories.


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  1. worm1865 says:

    i hope you get your second chance

  2. beautiful.  i just now read the entry before and it was an incredible story.  when did you become such a good writer, tricky.

  3. p.s. why don’t you tell her that instead of me and tyler?

  4. gag me with a fork ty!….haha you are a beautiful writer……wow is all i have to say…..somehow i can relate to some of those things…. :S

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