Everytime I hear the Eagles “Take It Easy”, I smile.


Some truth to the song.

“We may lose…and we may win, but we will never be here again”

All of us our looking for a sense of hapiness. I think this song captivates it for me. It’s driving with the windows rolled down and the stereo up, on an empty stretch of highway. Having no money, and headed to the West Coast, everything you own is in your trunk. And thinking, “Well, at least I’m free.” Everytime I hear this song, that’s what I think about. 


Whatever… I’m just weird like that.

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  1. You ARE weird like that.  Who goes to the West Coast?  Gross.

  2. LaLanza says:

    i actually drove home with the windows down tonight on and empty stretch of hwy eleven from winnsboro with cancer hanging out of my mouth, singing
    “i think i’ll go to boston, i think i’ll get a new life, i think i’ll start over where noone knows my name.”

    thank you, augustana.

    alot of us are weird like that.

  3. worm1865 says:

    yeah i think everyone is weird. well any ways i will ttyl.

  4. i have a sweatshirt that says that. yay for me. driving with the windows down also gets a yay. that can normally explain the condition my hair is in when i get wherever it is i’m going, which probably isnt the west coast, but my how i wish it was.

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