EDIT 5/22: Some good points were made on the last post, I tend to agree with Clint and Jeff…no dethroaning of Jesus here… the daVinci code is not really an attack on anything…it presented a conspiracy theory not against Christianity, but more against the Church, the Roman Cathlolic Church to be specific… be that as it may….a wonderful lady once told me she never talks politics or religion because it offends to many people…so I’ll take the hint and change topics. 



I feel a little hypocritcal by bringing up the Da Vince code…but sice everyone else has seemed to lost their common sense–I guess I’ll follow suit.


First off, the da Vinci code is fiction, just like a lot of books are.  While some of it is based loosely in fact, most of then plot, including the conspiracy theories are purely fiction.  But with any fiction novel it does arouse some interesting questions…which I’ll touch later. Before I do that– let me say– if you haven’t read the da Vinci Code, I don’t see how you can argue the point of the book– you have no basis. You are merely regurgitating what you heard from someone else.

The validity of the Bible depends, not on faith in Jesus, but your faith in mankind. The bible was written by the disciples, and not all the gospels were included. We see that the bible has been the care of man for generations and generations. Whose to say he didn’t  change  it to meet his own ends on a whim? While the established church today is more honorable (well, even today, lies and deceit everywhere), but could you trust the same church 200 years ago, when they could’ve gotten away with it much more easily?  The same church who burned people for witches and conquered lands under the pretense of a holy crusade?

Is it possible that Jesus had a bloodline… ? I dismiss this as fiction. But the interesting thing is all that stuff about Mary Magdalene could somehow explain the anti-female sentiments of centuries. I mean it is true that the pagans worshipped Goddesses and treated the woman with more respect than say Christianity did there for awhile. Women don’t hold places in the church. But why not? So how could generations of people who respected women, convert to Christianity, and suddenly oppress them?

 So, my point, centuries of controversy and bloodshed surround the ideas of Christianity.  Forgive me, but that makes me a little hesitant to be faithful.

Now bare with me, because I’m no longer talking about the da Vince Code.  More over, Christianity in general. Just look at history, look at the middle east, they are still fighting over what land belongs to who.   One cannot begin to comprehend the impact of religion without looking back through history.  I’ll leave it be at this for now, more later.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to kno if you have ever read the Bible before??

    because if you haven’t, then by your own words, you have no reason to say where a person’s faith should rely in reading it….

    but if you have, then i have nothing to say….

  2. Would he be talking about any of this if he’d never read it?

    Yes, Ty, I agree.  It’s a work of fiction…entertainment, just like mythology is for us.  No one is going to tell me I’m going to hell for reading about Prometheus.  And even if Jesus did marry and bear children, so what?  Is He any less the Son of God?

  3. Ta_Hizzle says:

    i came across this post and smiled lol…… i dont really understand alot of the bible but i do know alot of the history in it, you talk about the fighting in the middle east the pharasees sagasees (spelling?) have been fightig since and before the birth.

     like i said i dont understand the bible that well, but i do beleive every thing it says therfore if it says anything about Jesus having a bloodline then i would for one like to know if its true

    forgive me if you disagree, but i believe the only thing that has changed since the time of christ, are the people, people that are tired of waiting on the return


  4. i see where you are comin from. im one of the kids who havent read the book, so i guess i cant really have an opinion about it….but speaking on Christians behalf, this is such a deeply personal subject and it means so very much to us, i guess we cant help but bow up and get a bit defensive….and i do have to disagree with you on the women thing. we may not be up there on the pulpit, but that doesnt mean we dont hold a place in the church.

    anyways, can i just say that comment you left on my last entry was quite nice. it made alot of sense….and was very well written as always :-p

  5. LaLanza says:

    thank you ty, for this.
    and i wasn’t as disappointed in the move as everyone else.
    actually found it entertaining and humorous.
    it hink the people who were let down were the ones waiting for
    jesus to actually be “dethroned” in history.

    evangelist08 is babbling and prattling
    on making no sense whatsoever.
    just thought i’d say that.

    if you’re going to make a point, “eveangelist,”
    at least do so with some regard to grammar.

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