I went from being a senior to a graduate. Likewise, I went from spending a night with almost everyone I ever knew to being completely alone.  I went to sleep happy and woke up hurting.  I don’t know what to do now, I find myself just waiting, and I don’t know exactly what it is I am waiting on.   I am losing hold with everything that I ever loved and it’s killing me from the inside out.

It seems it’s worst now, when I wake up to an empty house, it is my empty heart that I am left with. Imagine that, I am homesick in my own house. 

Everyone is helpless against time.  These damn flower arrangements my father bought are wilting. I want to see you again, but I am afraid you are gone forever.  Maybe that is what I am waiting on. I find myself asking what it will take to bridge this invisible gap between friends. But even if I could stand before you, I could never ask you not to leave.



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  1. ok first off….you have NO CLUE who i am and i have NO CLUE who you are, but still, i find myself commenting you.

    I live in Oklahoma and on my Xanga site i put that i live in Summerside, Canada, (’cause i thought it seemed like a pretty name) and truthfully, i don’t have the slightest idea where Summerside is!

    So, i saw that you live in canada and the reason for my coming here was to ask you about it. Questions like: “what does it look like?” and “is Summerside a big town or small town?” because i thought if i had it as my home town on Xanga i need to know SOMETHING about it….

    but when i came to your site i noticed how very intelligent you are… your posts are moving and amazing, just reading this one made me tear up…

    you’ll go far with your life Mr.!!! i know you will! you don’t have to answer my questions if you don’t want to…. you seem like you are too busy anyways.

    have a good day!

    Love, Katie (from Oklahoma!)

  2. can i just say, i know what you mean.

  3. it’s been a year since I have been where you are and yet I feel exactly the same way if not even more lost than I did then.

    if you don’t hang out with me soon I will cancel our friendship.

  4. hang in there man it will get better just give it time, but if its just too much to handle…. well you can prolly use your imagination and guess what i am hinting towards. i don’t suggest you do it.

    you should prolly tell katie how it is in summerside. take it easy cuz. don’t do anything stupid.

  5. ha! that’s pretty much why i did it too… cuz there was a really freaky guy that kept finding my site and i got kinda scared, you know?

    but yeah thanks for telling me anyways….



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