” Just a while ago my soul was
confused, amused at what it did not know
But days went by
and amusement cried
I decide it’s time, I got to move
on now
But I was so scared
I was frightened, somewhat
So I changed my shoes
Now I walk through a
valley of color much better than the other”
A few good things:
I went to the movies with 3 really cool kids. 
Stayed up at Burtons till 1 AM and got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in awhile.
I randomly started painting my room and moving furniture. 
I got me some stylin’ sandal like slip ons….that compliment my  liking of reggae lately. O yeah. Next,
it could be dreadlocks….

And I walked out of Calculus on break, went around the corner and bought a smoothie!!! Not only that
I brought it back to class and drank it! It was awesome.
Yay for being a college kid, but still being a high schooler. 
 P.S. Of A Revolution is not really reggae, it’s rock. But I am listening to real reggae too.
OAR has a reggae feel, and it’s cover is most def reggae. And it happens to be my
“currenty” listening too. So there. End of Reggae lesson, and my disclaimer to anyone
who knows this band.

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  1. lol i can tell you just started college. i always take a drink to class, any ways college is alot better than high school. call me tomorrow when you get in so we can go get the stuff. later.

  2. Anonymous says:

    best years, of course.
    don’t get me wrong, the past few years of my life have been amazing, you just happened to catch me at one of my low points. Thank you for all the advice. Student Loans and scholarships have already been on my mind. I guess I better start applying, eh?

  3. ham_1990 says:

    if its reggae/rock…doesn’t that make it something in the neighborhood of ska?

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