Another update, indeed.

Dad landed safely in India, which is cool. He made it to the hospital and his tests seem to be going well.  There is an 11.5 hour time difference, and he sends me daily e-mails with updates.  I think it’s something he really needed in his life, just to experience a different culture and all. 

If all goes well he should be losing some weight and trekking into Nepal, the culmination of a “life change” as I call it.  Anyway, he should be sending pictures soon.


In other news, I finished my first week of Calculus. I think it’s a bit frustrating when you have already had the class. The anticipation just gets to you. Like using the definition of derivative to find f prime. I mean when I did it the first time, I didn’t know there was an easier way. Now I’m just like “Show us the darn shortcut already!”. For you non-calculus readers, let me put it like this, it’s like learning to operate a horse and cart before learning to drive a car. Even though the horse and cart directly lead to the easier way, why the flip should we care?

I just realized I am talking about Calculus– and that is lame.

OK…. here is the dilemma… I’m doing an experiment in Physics Saturday…. you know g-force and all that jazz….

Or it terms of Shakespeare– To barf or not to barf…

Wish me luck:


And that is about it…. I’ll get back with the pictures of my flight…. Stay tuned.



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  1. don’t throw up all over yourself or the plane i am sure the pilot would not be too happy about it.

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