For you that don’t already know my Dad left for India at the beginning of June, last week he e-mailed me that he was going to Nepal for the month of July and would be unable to contact me because well…he’d be in Nepal. Anyway, I was a bit surprised when I got these last few e-mails… I don’t know where he found a Internet connection but that doesn’t really matter…. He hiked up with some sherpas bearing gifts which included: 125 backpacks, 500 pens, 200 yd’s of shirt fabric, 125 yards of pant fabric, 125 pants zippers, 2000 buttons, 500 pens, 30 boxes of map colors etc etc


So when he showed up to give the school children all this stuff… they were extremely happy to see him:


There are the backpacks…and there are the children.

more children…

even more children…

They were so happy to see an outsider… and the way I take it he  is one of the first Americans… they held a festival for him… all the red paint is the aftermath of the whole village placing red dots of his forehead…

That’s my dad… haven’t seen that look since his faternity days.

Dad’s travel guide– Tanka.  Tanka is a  family friend of one of our family friends…so I guess that makes him one of our family friends?

School supplies….


The school. (the hand thing means thank you I guess)



Anyway… Dad’s safe even though he did run into a few Maoist… (he pretended to be Russian…)


But for more on my Dad’s travel experience ( A LOT more) check it out:

You’ll find pics and travel logs which are updated like twice a week or something.  Of course I get e-mails almost every other day… so I’ll update some stuff on here too.

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