OK… and now me… a double update:


Colby and I ended up in the middle of nowhere this weekend– and that is exactly where we wanted to be.

The X was loaded down with bikes, gear, and lots or sweet tea. We rode more trails then we and our bikes could handle, culminating with one entitled the “Devil’s Backbone”. And after  calling it quits for another day, totally spent, and a good drive later… I spent Sunday at my grandparents sleeping it all off and picking cactus needles out of my ankle. (How did those get there?)

But yeah… didn’t get any cool pics of those awesome trails and use blazing around on them… for practical reasons– I don’t want to take the camera out on them. I mean if my metal bike has hard enough time staying in one piece…


So here are some pics of camp:


(The Wilderness Survival Kit)

(Home Sweet Home)


Today I woke up, ate, went back to sleep, woke up again… drive into REI and bought a rock climbing harness and shoes… and arrived back in SST still tired… but with no broken bones…

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  1. NonameKelly says:

    I’m glad you don’t have broken bones.

    But, if you ever did get injured, I will volunteer myself to move into your house and help take care—-wait… no, that’s a lie. I will volunteer myself to move into your house while someone else takes care of you.

    Now THAT is love… right? :)

  2. thaAlkemist says:

    howd u know i stopped. i think i will just tough it out. i dont know ur # so call me if u hav mine we could run wen ur around

  3. congrats on not breaking anything take it easy.

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