At the request of my Dad and a few friends in Nepal, a few pics of Sulphur and me: 




an old pic of me on a bike i used to have

I-30 minus the state trooper


This is cool, never would have noticed it had I not been driving around looking for things to take pictures of

Yours truly

An intense game of marbles in Honduras

My best friend Joel, a local and I looking out over Tegucigalpa Honduras

an Aerial view of Hwy 19, I still haven’t gotten down aerial photograpy obviously…


Well, that’s a little of me, my life, and Sulphur Springs…



You ask, I give…


7 Responses to “”

  1. NonameKelly says:

    Ty, you are such a hottie.

    Just thought I’d let you know. :)

  2. sfoxylady says:

    fun pictures, and you do look amazingly attractive in that picture… it makes me want to funk it up with ty stephens even more!

  3. jfizzityzorr says:

    still…cool photos.

  4. what hwy 19 in the other direction not good enough for you!!!

  5. sfoxylady says:

    you were trying to save my picture, even if you didn’t succeed

    my bags are all packed, yet im not standing at your door to say goodbye… i’ll have fun, so the right thing to say would be you have fun.

    p.s. ill try to bring back a beach smell for you

  6. ham_1990 says:

    yeah I just noticed today that the sawmill was there… wonder if its new…

  7. ok number one, what about the famous cows!!?? two, hmmm. ok theres no two.

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