The new coolest thing in my life:



Bad pic… I know…. but it’s a fingerboard… and it sits above my doorframe and above it sits the floor of my room.  Dad may crap a brick when he see’s this… but oh well…

It’s pretty figgin awesome… you do pull ups and what not on it, or just hang from it, it’s got little finger grips to build hand strength for rock climbing…. and you can actually scale it to get to my room…. for the not so intrepid you still have the handy dandy ladder.


Seriously I’m think about turning that whole vertical entrance to my room into a giant bouldering wall… How awesome would that be?  The screw in grips aren’t that expensive, and I would just have to replace the sheetrock with 3/4 inch plywood… HA! Then my dad really might go crazy…. then again…. he might think it was cool. 



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