There are a little over 125 Integral Identities– blah! Who came up with these? They are the scorn of existence I swear…

I have a test next Monday- argh!

The closest Triathlon this weekend is Baytown or Boerne– last chance to get in a race before New York. Blah! Blah! I’m growing apprehensive.

I really don’t want to drive anywhere this weekend…


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  1. Kacys says:

    Did I know you had a xanga? And/or did you get a new one? Because it seems like I used to subscribe to one, but this wasn’t it…

    And you’re right, since YOU subscribed, I’ll stay.

    In addition, I was reading your last post, which talked about building a bouldering wall. I have a friend that just did that all around his room! Weird. He’s a hardcore climber and now he just climbs all up and down the walls and ceiling. Pretty cool, I’d say.

  2. onion_emily says:

    wait a second….you’re doing a triathlon in new york!? Please tell me you’re doing the nyc marathon! 

    ps: perhaps i could go to your triathlon and cheer you on!!  It sounds like fun! 

  3. onion_emily says:

    but….isn’t boerne way far away???  if only it was in dallas…

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