Well I see my father in about 8 days, he’s been in India since June 6th.  I am flying up to West Point for a triathlon and meeting him in Newark, NJ a few days before.  I probably won’t even recognize him. Ha!

I have been keeping up with him, and I have to say his experiences are amazing. Still I can’t wait to see him. Sadly, I will have to return ownership of the house back over, but I guess that’s a small price to pay.


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  1. hello there.

    i took a picture for you while i was in d.c. you will think i am lame. but then you will get over it.

  2. Far_Skies says:

    I hope that you and your father have a lot of fun catching up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    okay, so i thinks its amazing that you are doing triathlons. seriouely about three years ago i told myself and made a goal to train for a triathlon before i am 30.

    i like your thoughts on the book, i think i have seen it but not in spain. what has your dad been doing in india? business?

    i am a photographer full-time here in barcelona. i work with a company that brings US students here to study the culture and language. usually students stay 3months to a year annd live with spaniards in a dorm. they are also responsible for getting onvolved with the arts.

    the whole point is to be making intentional relationships with spaniards and using art and media to do it. right now we are collaberating with 2 art cafes in showing our work and also helping them with needs they have.

    its pretty cool, we don’t have any summer students which is unusual but we are enjoying the month of august off-most spaniards go on holiday for the entire month.

    what does life look like for you?

  4. i can’t beleive it has been 2 months since he left. any ways i guess i will see you later tonight.

  5. sfoxylady says:

    a lot of excitement planned on your part, except no more crazy, wild parties thrown at your house… we’ll just have to find somewhere else

  6. i tell you what if you learn to play the guitar. i will write you a bunch of depressing songs and i will start listening to depressing music that talks about love lost and just wanting to die. how does that sounds. i might even have a few already waiting for you.

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