Nothing out of the ordinary. Racing and Studying. I did the Royse City Time Trials Saturday, got up this morning made myself some blueberry pancakes, and now I am studying Calculus.  Same ol’ same ol’. 

Ok, so I think architecture is cool. Frank Lloyd Wright– a genius. Maybe I can talk my way into going by the Museum of Modern Art next Monday.

There you have it– my random thought of the day. Really, I hope you weren’t expecting more. Because I’ve got nothing.



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  1. maybe you need to be an architect if you like it so much. good luck with the race if i don’t see you before you go, and good luck on the test on thursday ttyl.

  2. sfoxylady says:

    frank lloyd wright is a genius, and i would love to visit the museum of modern art… you’re so lucky

    p.s. i lovelovelove blueberry pancakes, props on making them
    p.p.s. darn calculus… you should ditch it and go play a board game

  3. jfizzityzorr says:

    hey man…in my book it alwasy pertains. calculus? really?

  4. Far_Skies says:

    I have those days too… random thought are my friend and my only company. lol

  5. remember when we used to be friends? yeah, that was fun.

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