In keeping with my new tradition of a post a day, I am writing yet again.  Xanga IS dead, whichs begs to question– who killed it? Not that it’s important or anything.


Wheat is a good band. I suggest it to all you deprived of good music.


And this just in… Facebook hooked me up with 25 free downloads from itunes. Why? Because I’m in college.  So if you got a facebook… you might want to check that out. It’s all hip/hop, dance, and techno… but whatever. Every monday they’re giving away 25 more songs untill the end of September. My day just got better.


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  1. Bread is also an amazing band…..and i will have to check out facebook on the downloads…..i need to start posting again….i don’t want xanga to be dead!!!!! OH NO!!! THE AGONY!!!

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