Ok…. here it is. Today’s post.  So be excited. 


I may have been a little assuming in my last post about that Critical Thinking class, the professor is still crazy, but the textbook actually… has some good stuff in it.

Ok, Tommorow means I haven’t ran in a week.  Why? My ankle hurts. Why does my ankle hurt? I DON’T KNOW!!! It’s killing me– I mean what happened… me duele la pie… pero Porque? Porque?  Ah, that’s just life. How do I get injured resting? It’s like against the laws of nature or something.

OK, enough of the pity party. I got an ace wrap and some Ibuprofen. Take that!

But yeah, just chillin really. Got a “bike race” Saturday. Nothing too special… I call it a backyard race… because it’s kind of just a get together that’s timed. Still… I’m looking forward to it… because I gotta beat my old time.

And that’s it… it’s quite simple… I’m broke because I spent all my money on books…. so I am like reading them and stuff. My life has been reduced to getting an education and riding a bike (because I can’t run).  



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