“No matter where you are
I can still hear you when you dream
You traveled very far
You traveled far, like a star
And you are
All of those yesterdays
Coming around”



I am a day dreamer. There is no negating that. My body may be here, but my mind wanders.  My class notes are filled with little thoughts jotted in on the side, a song lyric, a dream I had, something I wanted to write about later. There are times I can literally lay in my bed and just stare at the ceiling. It is perfectly fine with me.  I like to think I know where I am going, and remembering where I have already been becomes more important.

On the front of my Chemistry book there is a group of “intrepid adventures” on a white water rafting charter, or whatever you call it.  I just noticed it.  Funny.

This makes me think of life goals. I read something today, loosely paraphrasing it said: “We are more apt to learn and retain things if we know how it will directly affect the things we want […] Just as skydiver doesn’t mind packing a parachute, no matter how monotonous it may become, an aspiring engineer should be motivated for Calculus and Chemistry. ”  But often times people set goals that they never take seriously. And they give up. We set out to change the world, but end up retreating. These things we hold dear, take a back seat. I can’t stand that.  What is keeping you from getting what you want out of life?

So I guess my point is to find in myself the ability to connect my dreams to my reality. Sounds easy right?

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  1. i guess it just depends on in the end you truly want to live for yourself….

  2. or does it really matter if you lived to achieve what you wanted?

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