Well it’s been an intresting few days.

But I may write on that later.


Dad and I were at Burtons the other day and he told me:

“Ty, sometimes I just get an urge to go walk, you know? In India, people walk everywhere, but not here, Sometimes, I just want to walk to Commerce…”

“Well, what’s stopping ya?” I asked.

He just kind of scratched his head and 3 days later I got an e-mail that he was going to do it. So he’s on his way now, I will expect in Commerce shortly. He has been walking down the train tracks that run parallel to 11 since like 7:30 this morning. So, I for one am very proud of him.  Those darn gas prices, right?




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  1. yes i did…….. hope you are havin a good weekend!!

  2. your dad is crazy man and i still haven’t seen him since he got back well maybe i can see him next weekend or something if i get to come in. well ttyl cuz. take it easy.

  3. ya’ll are insane!….i love it!

  4. we had silver taps that night…..as the hour approached for it to start the clock tower chimes hymns…..and then after its over…you aren’t really supposed to talk until you get home….and the tower just chimes as you walk back to your place….it was very…..i dunno how to describe it…reflective?….it was cool….read up on the silver taps…..of course it is a very prominate tradition here at aTm?…..haha! who would have guessed??

  5. kaylaec says:

    that’s amazing!!

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