I honestly feel I do not know where my life is taking me.  It’s so mysterious. I don’t mind the falling. I think I like it better that way.  I just feel like I am beginning to recenter on what is important. This last month has been a little hectic, and at times it seems like I have left the road that leads home to venture off by myself– alone. It is a necessary path, one I cannot hide from, but it is also a circular one, and I will come back home. I doubt it will be as long as it seems.

I am no longer scared. I am not scared of going. I am not scared of leaving. I am not scared of not knowing.  Something tells me it’s going to work out. The distance isn’t really all that great: It may have been right there in my heart the whole time.



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  1. someone in Abilene can not go to sleep.

  2. LaLanza says:

    i think you may be right.
    and that’s a captivating book.
    a little random, but memorable.
    and who doesn’t like hearing a good few stories?

    how are you, ty?
    i’m in michigan for a good bit.
    hope everything at home is well.
    tell everyone who i’d say hello to, that i say hello.


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