“with your feet on the air and your head on the ground..”



I gave some thought to some thoughts that I’ve been thinking recently.  And I’ve been all over the place– I mean my thoughts that is– and not really made any real progress anywhere.  So basically, where do I start?

So after taking a vicious self-assesment, I realize– that I am really confused. I mean I got a few things straight, the easy stuff that is, but the important stuff– not so much.  And how do you tell someone that? Really?

I really can’t even just spill it here either– which is kindly disappointing. I am getting kind of tired of the xangas, and facebooks, I just want to get away from the desk more– but there’s really no where else to go. I kind of feel– bottled up? Maybe, not sure. Partly bottled up, part me is looking from the inside going– where’d everyone go? and the other part of me is standing on the outside looking in and going– “come on, there’s a nice breeze out here”

I think the only consolation is thoughts of the future sometimes.


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  1. good seeing you this weekend

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