“Strange how hard it rains now
Rows and rows of big dark clouds
When I’m holding on underneath this shroud


Made it back from College Station yesterday. I don’t know a word to describe it. 3 1/2 hour drive down there. Got a call from Senator Cornyn’s office at a Gas Station on the corner of 6 and University– they awarded me with a nomination to USMA. (It’s not an appointment, so I am still not in…. yet). After that made it to Leslie’s party…or “jarty” rather.  Ate some chicken. Saw some friends. Played some King Frog. Pretty much… all the stuff that has been missing in my life.  I brought the bike down, Saturday morning went for a ride– not the greatest experience. I found out my car got towed– also not the greatest experience. But we got it back– for the small price of our souls…. actually “just” $116.25… Luckily, I got a good friend to pull us out of a tight spot. So after that was all said and done– pretty much– broke… both of us. But we still managed to eat. Had the best milk shake of my life at Fudruckers. And, later, a pretty good cup of apple cider at Sweet Eugene’s.

Made the decision to sleep in Sunday– we stopped for Breakfast in Bryan and headed on home: lots of driving, Snow Patrol, Modest Mouse, and Patty Griffin. 7:00 back in Commerce for Chapter with a whole $5 in my pocket… went to Subway about 10:00… cleaned out all the quarters in my ashtray to buy myself dinner… But the guy was closing so he hooked me up with a 6 inch Turkey and 3 Peanut Butter cookies for $2.  I was so happy.

To top it all off… my english class got canceled today. I mean I feel awful that our professor is sick– but you know… it’s starting to feel more and more like Thanksgiving. Which means family, food, and some much needed sleep.




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  1. COACH_BONE says:

    and who was your friend that got you out of that tight spot and payed for your breakfast and was almost broke after all was said and done?  throw me a BONE here.


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