So I was playing with Itunes today.. you know… digging around the library seeing what songs i used to listen to. Basically, Saturday morning bus rides and pre-race warm ups made for a pretty extensive list of music… but I picked out a few in particular… here they are:

Anthem, Pt. 2— blink-182–Basically Blink-182, Creed, and Matchbox 20 were the only things i listened to in Middle School

#1- Nelly– There are select few people who will know what this song means, yeah that’s right– 8th grade, A-team, straight ballin’– from that crazy duke offense (was it duke?) to that jump and switch defense…. all those tournaments– and before my running days. We played this song during every warm up.

Sober–Tool— Freshman year… Cross Country…. before I even knew what cross country was… Bone’s first love for Rock…

Yellow Ledbetter– Pearl Jam– We listened to a lot of Pearl Jam on the bus rides…. and Coldplay and Dashboard.

Driven Under– Seether Sophomore Year, I heard this song first on 102.1 while working on the farm… and  ran to it all year. (Also: Broken and Gasoline)

Torn- Creed— Listen to this a lot younger, stopped, started again my Sophomore year… pretty good song… nice drums… got me ready to run. Didn’t pay attention to the lyrics until recently.

So Cold–Breaking Benjamin— Junior Year, same story 102.1 the edge  on the farm, couldn’t remember the song name– bought both  “We are not Alone” and “Saturate” at Hastings… ended up really liking both albums A LOT.
But it started with So Cold, and this song became really popular on the CC team and then became really popular.

Last Train Home –Lostprophets…2nd only behind Breaking Benjamin for Junior Year CC running.

Bullet-Proof Skin– Institute– Senior year CC!!! This song basically defined it all…. 

Forgot About Dre–Dr. Dre, Eminem & Snoop Dogg– 24 hour Gym… Junior year

Sleep Now in the Fire –Rage Against the Machine— Winter Off-Season Runs down I-30 service Road toward Texarkana

‘Till I Collapse Eminem & Nate Dogg-  Last Summer, Lubbock Triathlon

E-Pro Beck Adam Horovitz, Adam Yauch, Beck Hansen, John King, Mike Diamond & Mike Simpson- senior tempo runs on the HS, Coleman, Middle School route.

Alive and Kicking Nonpoint- the harder stuff, lifting weights, 24 hour gym “What’s wrong with me?!
You want to know what’s wrong with me?! I could ask you the exact same thing.”

Still D.R.E.–Dr. Dre– Mountain Biking the Breaks at Bar-H with Colby Adams

Rock Superstar- Cypress Hill– “so you wanna live large?!”

Cumbersome- Seven Mary Three– the new sound for me… love of mountain biking, trail running, off roading and anything completely crazy. “Id like to believe we could reconcile the past”

Cherub Rock–Smashing Pumpkins– straight up cycling… it’s such a good sound

Remember the Name (Featuring Styles of Beyond) Fort Minor– ” This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain. 100% Reason to Remember the Name. He doesn’t need his name up in lights– he just wants to be heard”   My anthem for the 2005 Dallas White Rock Marathon

Stay as you are–Span– Nissan Xterra Commercial– Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Revolution Get Down The Bellrays- Nissan Xterra Commercial dos… yeah!

High As the Ceiling– Stereophonics– Nissan Commercial tres

Go with the Flow Queens of the Stone Age– I love this band…

Get Free–The Vines– “I’m gonna get free, I’m gonna get free, ride into the sun… She never loved me, She never loved me, why should anyone?” I’ve been jamming to this every since I started doing Triathlons,

No One Knows–Queens of the Stone Age– It goes well with my attitude, for some reason

Alive- Pearl Jam– just listen.



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  1. sfoxylady says:

    you are the reason that i still update at all mr ty stephens! that’s a nice array of songs you have there, and yes i did read that entire post… i basically know everything about you now

  2. Chyrse says:

    smashing pumpkins, breaking benjamin, tool, pearl jam, they never get old.

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