Alright…it’s 12:40 AM.. and I kind of just woke up from a deep slumber…. don’t really know why… oh yeah maybe it was to take out my contacts or something… anyway I fixed a glass of tea and grabbed a handful of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups…because they’re good and I seem to be short me some Junior Mints.  Anyway… so I got some really cool thoughts that I wish I had thought of earlier and I am going to write about them before I go back to bed:

In response to a bible study discussion earlier tonight, and some other questions that have been on the back of the old ticker there.

The question was brought up that (loosely paraphrased) “If I saw a homeless man on the street, and I want to help him, is that the Holy Spirit?” Or, moreover a Christian’s life in general. I’m kinda skipping over a lot but what I’m trying to get to is this:  Many people have a responsibility as Christians. Choosing to love and follow God is so many things: a commitment is one. But I think regardless of  your religious preference, or personal beliefs, we ALL have a responsibility as human beings. Man is given such a bad connotation, and I think some of it is undeserved. I have to believe that there is honest, sincere, good in people. As human beings we have a responsibility to ourselves and our world. We have to live together– Everyone…together. As human beings we have to learn to contribute something positive for the world around us and make it better for the rest of society, and make it better for our children. 

I think the true test of love is learning to couple both your responsibility to God, (whatever your religion) with that of your responsibility of living here on Earth.  And I think…. sadly, that a lot of us fail in that understanding.

Don’t know if that is making too much sense– it’s late– it kinda of just came out like a bunch of jibberish.

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  1. man that was a post just to get it off my chest thats all i haven’t told anyone, only one person might have understood what i was talking about.

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