maybe I just underestimated him, or didn’t really ever listen to him, or maybe it is just that he sounds a lot better live– whatever the reason I had never really got off on John Mayer… until I bought this CD.

My initial impression was like- “WOW! That sounds a lot like Stevie… I wonder if he plays a Strat…”

And then I was reading in the album, kind of comparing Mayer’s guitar, bass, drum “trio” to that of Hendrix, Cream and SRV… it makes perfect sense.

So yeah, I guess I’m sold… this album is pretty bluesy (and I like it– A LOT)…. I don’t really know about his other stuff– guess I should give it a listen.

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  1. sfoxylady says:

    john mayer is amazing… i’m glad you’ve finally come around

  2. LaLanza says:

    the new album continuum is pretty good,
    a little more commercial in spots thatn try!
    but still a good buy

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