Well I made it to our nation’s capitol. Here I am in a Marriott on the corner of 12th and H, dowtown Washing, DC. Today we walked– a lot.

First we made our way up to the Archives and the Hill. From their we dropped my Senator Cornyn’s office and met his Chief of Staff and Director of Correspondence. You know… I owed them a thank you and all for nominating me to West Point and all. Of course Cornyn’s Chief of Staff is a Navy guy so I had to put up with the jokes. But that was OK.

From there we left and ate Lunch in the Supreme Court Cafeteria.  Walked down the mall past the Smithsonian, the Washington, WWII, Korean, and Lincoln Memorials/Monuments. We then made kept walking across the Potomac to Arlington Cemetery where we spent the next few hours just walking around taking in the spirit of those that came before us. At 5:00 we made it to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the changing of the guard.

I haven’t really had time to stop and reflect on everything I have seen and what it is supposed to mean.

Tomorrow we will probably be going to the Smithsonian and spending the better part of the day. We leave for home Saturday– with a stop in Fort Knox and Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  

Lots of pics… be prepared.


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  1. ooh, elizabethtown! fun…

    i’ve never been to washington, d.c., but i’d like to go someday… think of me whilst you are there…

    ps, you need to come by the parents’ house when you get home… mom got you a little somethin’ somethin’…

    so glad i got to see you before you headed out on your journey! be careful coming home…

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