Witt: “Do you ever get lonely?”

Welsh: “Only around people…”

~Thin Red Line

The start of the new year marks a time to look towards the future… and here I am… standing at the doorway to my furture and thinking of where it leads.

It’s been on my mind. Well– it has always been there somewhere.  Just as much a part of me as a heart beat. But it is growing louder.  It’s not something that I can ever really talk about, but its so much a part of who I am no one can ever hope to understand me otherwise. 

What am I? At the end of the day, when the world is asleep and I am alone, when my friends have gone and I am left? How do I tell you?

I have been told it’s not what we say to the people we love that defines us– but what we do.  There are so many things I am not and can never hope to be. And what I truly am, I fear is something that can never let itself be truly loved. 

My path takes me so far away from this, I wonder if I can ever find my way back.  When will this heart of mine turn numb and cold so I can stop feeling the lack of the things I will never have?


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