Just trying to get back to blogging a little.

I took a mock APFT today.  APFT– what’s that, right? Army Physical Fitness Test. The army has an obsession with acronyms and I will no doubt return home Thanksgiving speaking a totally different language.

My first day at West Point is R-day for CBT,  Then A-day. Is Thanksgiving T-time?  I don’t think so. It should be. I bought my boots from the PX at NASJRB MCSS in Ft Worth. Talk about a mouthful– I actually have no idea what that one means (JRB is Joint Reserve Base?). 

I have 31 days untill I leave for Nepal. 77 days until I depart for NY.

16 May 2007 I depart for India, then for Khatmandu, Nepal.  That is essentially a rallying point to begin a 21 day trek to Everest Base Camp  at 18,000 feet.  Or 21 days without a shave, a real meal, or a hot shower. Vacation? I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

I should come back lean and mean… what better way to prepare for the trials and tribulations of Cadet Basic Training then trekking in the Himalayas, humping a 50 pound ruck, and sucking thin air? Our reasoning is solid, see?

Anyway, back to today– I made my prelim packing list.  I laid out the majority of my gear today.  It’s not that I’m over zealous– but packing for such a trip is not like packing for some tour of wherever– where you will keep all your stuff in a nice cozy hotel.  Everything I have must be carried, on my back, the whole trip.  So the idea is to think light.

I really only have one change of clothes.  They’re in layers… if it’s hot– i wear shorts and shirt… if it gets dark and gets cold… i can throw on my fleece and pants. If it rains I got a poncho and a rain jacket. The only essentials that you need multiples of is underwear and socks.

Aside from that– I’m going to REI tomorrow to stock up on some new stuff.  The goal is to have my pack packed as it will be for the trip…. and get in some hikes around town in it.  Learn what I need, and what I can do with out… learn how things need to be folded up. You know… bare necessities.

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