Quick youtube.com flick– this kid covers RHCP’s “Snow (Hey Oh) on the piano… and it’s LEGIT–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW4EzxEaOSs&feature=related

I woke up 520 this morning to go to sick call to get “permission” to go back to my room and be sick.  Awesome. I got more sleep today then I have all week.


I got my first jump with the parachute team since the last time I posted on here (I got 12 to-date… ).  It is almost indescribable. There’s just a build up to the time that you exit the aircraft. It can even start in the middle of the day… I look out and the skies are blue… and you know in about 2 hours your going to jump out of a helicopter at 5,000 feet.  Then the jump… it’s like a release. It is like surrendering control of yourself to gravity and then regaining it.  There is fear.. but it turns in to focus. And you just do it. No hesitation. No second thoughts. And you pull your parachute to save your own life. 

I have never felt more alive.  Honestly, it is the source of a new found hapiness.  The daily grind of West Point gets to you. You feel locked up, trapt, and it can all get kind of depressing.  But..when I jump…I am free.

I used to watch these videos back in high school and wonder what it would be like to be on this team. And now i get to live it every afternoon… haha…YES!






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  1. ty stephens. you are one cool kid. really. i mean it.

    i appreciate you and your coolness.

    that sounds lame.

    but its true.

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